CineGear Creative has extensive and award winning experience in delivering both long and short form stories. From the script, to the screen and selling at market. With creative vision and technological expertise we aim to produce the best possible result. Come and have a chat with us about your next project, you won’t be disappointed. In the meantime here’s a…

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It’s not just our own projects that drive us, it’s collaborating with other filmmakers to help them create their own visions and dreams. It takes more than just one person to make a film – it takes a whole team. Be it a commercial or feature film, we strive to help tell the story that filmmaker wants to tell. We’ve worked with…

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In Development

At CineGear, we are great believers in raising bar with every project we do. But this takes time and patience, bigger projects with higher production values just don’t happen over night. The script takes development and is time well spent. With over a decade of experience in making films, we understand what it takes to…

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The People

CineGear was officially founded in 2007 by JD Cohen, Chris McHardy and Darren K Hawkins, but our experience goes back to the beginning of the millennium. But what makes CineGear different is not just us, but it’s those we have collaborated with to create original, sellable content. Ranging from features, TV pilots, lifestyle, music videos, short films…

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News Feed

CineGear is constantly evolving – this is where we discuss what we’re up to and what’s going through our minds. Drop a comment, debate with us, or come in for a drink and a chat!

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Gear Rental

We have used the gear on all our own projects so we know what it can do. Come and have a chat to discuss what it can bring to your project.  With affordable rates and personal service, you are hiring from professionals who care for their equipment and have added those after-market accessories necessary to get the job done. With a decade of experience…

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