It’s not just our own projects that drive us, it’s collaborating with other filmmakers to help them create their own visions and dreams. It takes more than just one person to make a film – it takes a whole team. Be it a commercial or feature film, we strive to help tell the story that filmmaker wants to tell.

We’ve worked with many different companies in the past and present, here’s just a few:


Headed by producer/actor Byron Hadjcok, Puzzlebox Entertainment are developing several projects with team CineGear. The largest is “Paradox”, a feature film to be directed by JD Cohen. Puzzlebox brings both it’s producing and artistic expertise to the creation of a film, and we anticipate that the partnership will grow.


IgnitelogoWhiteWith talent agent Michelle Horner in Australia and producer Adam Horner in LA, Ignite Pictures is working with CineGear on “Paradox” – securing distribution and giving the project an edge with access to an international talent pool.

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