Final Move

Nick Mather’s lost it all on the day his daughter died, and the sadistic Chess Piece killer escaped. His wife, his girlfriend and his job, all gone. A year later, the killer who destroyed his life returns, and this time he plans to finish the game. He kidnaps Nick’s youngest daughter, Lisa, and challenges Nick…

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Next Door the Velinsky

James Marshall spent many years searching for his childhood friend, Ruby Taylor, but she was running away form her past. When he finally finds her, he finds a very different woman, crazy, deluded and self destructive,┬áhaving lost her memory in a car accident. Or so it seems. James gives up everything in his life to…

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The 7th Hunt

For Gothic Callie, her deaf sister Ariel, computer nerd Chris, popular Sarah, and misogynist Ricky, their evening plans are about to be re-written. Taken to an abandoned military training school, they finds themselves the target of 5 sadistic killers, each with their own unique and different style of killing. But their true aim is not…

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I Wish I Were Stephanie V

As far as Helen was concerned, Stephanie V was perfect. Perfect looks, perfect tennis skills, and of course, the perfect boy liked Stephanie and not her. But Helen is young for her age, and much to learn about life and love. Desperate for a boyfriend, she falls for the wrong type, and falls victim to…

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Phil’s Gym

Phil Cockburn was an exercise guru and a national icon… in his own mind. He was big in the 80s according to him. But by 1999 all Phil has is a badly patronised gym, and a motley crew of workers – Colin the sycophantic assistant, Cindy the airhead secretary, Gavin the cynical gym assistant and┬áSam…

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Bucking Bulls…

Once a year, the aboriginal community in Doomadgee comes alive with anticipation of the annual rodeo they host. The documentary follows the fortunes of a variety of bull riders, from home town hero Tony Jnr, female champion Dawn, and the Pluto brothers, a bull riding family. They dream of joining the big leagues, talk of…

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Life could not have been more perfect at Buxton academy for the most popular girls and guys. But when the leader of their elite group loses her family and status when the parents divorce, nothing will ever be the same. Not only that, but the scholarship kid throws a whole new light on her relationships…

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Sum of Existence

Liz Murphy never asked to be attacked, raped, traumatised. But when she is unable to see past her pain, and continual attempts at suicide terrify her parents, they consult radical psychiatrist Juliet King. They are convinced that her new therapy – replacing real memories with hypnotised false memories – would save their daughter. But her…

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