Wrong Answer

Clare Newell needed money for rent, a simple thing when she discovers a psychology experiment is offering money in return for participation. But when she sees a distraught volunteer run from the building, coupled with a lack of understanding of what the study is about, she starts to worry. But Prof Farley is authoritive and…

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The Game

James and Anna like to play games. From their first dates, to the engagement rings, to favourite books, they like to hide things and challenge the other to find them. When James turns up with a pair of leopard print handcuffs, and challenge Anna to find the key before he gets back in 5 minutes…

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Rose is an evocative, story based¬†music video combining the soulful work of Speaking of Sarah¬†with the short film Rose, directed by Darren K Hawkins  

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Kristen Blakers is the lead singer from a Blue Mountains band. With a talented backing band, Kristen combines a wide vocal range with a semi folksie, semi pop style.  

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