James and Anna like to play games. From their first dates, to the engagement rings, to favourite books, they like to hide things and challenge the other to find them. When James turns up with a pair of leopard print handcuffs, and challenge Anna to find the key before he gets back in 5 minutes with the wine, she accepts, thinking an easy win. Just as he leaves, the in laws call, they’re coming to say hi… in 5 mins. Now she has to escape. But her search comes up fruitless, even with a clue from James to look in a box somewhere in the house. She even tries the letterbox outside, encountering some surprising neighbours. As the in laws draw closer, and James on his way back, she has to find the key before it’s too late… she never guessed where it might be.


Full cast and crew (IMDB): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1808550/

Best Short Comedy, Best Comedy Director, Port Stephen Film Festival, NSW, Australia (2014)

Best Microshort, Barebones Film Festival, Utah, USA (2011)
Best Comedy Short, Staten Island Film Festival, NYC, USA (2011)
Best Foreign Film & Best Short Narrative, Foursite Film Festival, Utah, USA (2011)
Finalist, Moondance International Film Festival, USA (2011)
Best of the Rest, Tropfest, Sydney, Australia (2011)

Port Stephen Film Festival (Australia)
North by Northeast FF (Canada), DC Shorts FF (US), Ohio Independant FF (US), Foursite FF (US),
Staten Island FF (US), Barebones International FF (US), Edmonton FF (Canada) Moondance FF (US)
Tropfest Best of the Rest (Australia)


Sam Tolj                          …            Anna
Dan Lissing                     …            James
Malcolm Frawley            …            Father in Law
Oriana Panozzo             …             Mother in Law
Jill McKay                       …             Old Lady
Paul Kleynjan                 …             Neighbour
Mackenzie Brown          …            Daughter


J D Cohen                      …            Director / Writer / Producer
Dulce Aguilar                 …            Producer
Angela Pezzano            …            1st AD / Production Manager
Bronwyn Smit                …            Production Designer
Chris McHardy              …            Director of Photography
Kristie Reynolds            …            Gaffer / Stills
James Peniata              …            Grip
Natasha Donelleyi        …            Head of Makeup / SFX
Wendy Hislop               …            Head of Makeup / SFX
Piotr Wasileski              …            Sound Designer
Nicole Brady                 …            Composer
J D Cohen                     …            Editor

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