Clare Newell needed money for rent, a simple thing when she discovers a psychology experiment is offering money in return for participation. But when she sees a distraught volunteer run from the building, coupled with a lack of understanding of what the study is about, she starts to worry. But Prof Farley is authoritive and calming, and she starts the study. Opposite her, strapped to a chair, is Holly, another volunteer. She has memorised the answers to a series of questions Clare asked, but every time she gets one wrong, Clare has to electrocute her, pushing up the current with each wrong answer. Pushed by the spectre of government and  threats from Farley, Clare will soon discover how far she is willing to go in the name of national security.


Full cast and crew (IMDB):

Best Film, Audience Choice & Judges Choice, Frankly Film Festival, Ohio, US (2005)
Best Narrative Short, Red Rock of Zion Canyon FF, Utah (2007)
Best World Cinema, New York Museum of Modern Art, NYC (2007)

Best Film of the Festival, Great Lakes Independent Film Festival, US (2006)
Best Foreign Film, Short Film, & Producing, Foursite Film Festival, Utah, US (2007)

Coogee Art FF (Australia), Phoenix FF (US), Santa Cruz FF (US), Ohio Independent FF (US)
Santa Fe International FF (US), Florida FF (US), Red Rock of Zion Canyon FF (US),
Gloria FF (US), Crested Butte FF (US), Staten Island FF (US), Big Damn FF (US),
Top 10 Film in America FF (US), Barebones International FF (US), Foursite FF (US),
Clermant Ferrand (France)
Great Lakes Independent FF (US), Brisbane FF (Australia), Tribeca Underground FF (US)
Winnipeg International FF (Canada), (US), Boston Underground FF (US)
Palm Springs Market (US), Frankly FF (US)


Rhianna Griffith              …            Clare Newell
Don Halbert                    …            Professor Farley
Kristy Wright                   …            Holly Monroe
Chris Galletti                   …            Frank
Olivia Solomons             …            Distraught Volunteer


J D Cohen                      …            Director / Writer / Producer
Laura Sivis                      …            Producer / Production Manager
Darren K Hawkins         …            1st Assistant Director
Michael Turner              …            Production Designer
Andrew Strahorn           …            Director of Photography
Francis Johnson            …            Key Grip
Tommy Hankinson        …            Gaffer
Anousha Zarkesh          …            Casting Director
Maria Stipicic                 …            Head of Makeup / SFX
Zan Tabart                     …            Sound Recordist
Andy Bruin                    …            Sound Designer
Sam Fonti                      …            Composer
J D Cohen                     …            Editor

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