At CineGear, we are great believers in raising bar with every project we do. But this takes time and patience, bigger projects with higher production values just don’t happen over night. The script takes development and is time well spent.

With over a decade of experience in making films, we understand what it takes to elevate a story to the next level within a practical and viable framework.

FEATURE FILM / Signs of Love

SignsPosterAnna has never been lucky in love, partly because she is yet to understand what true love is. It doesn’t always have a reason, it just is. When her fashion career goes nowhere, and desperate to sort it out, she visits a mystic who tells her to find the sign of love.

She embarks on a dating run, working her way through the most appropriate star signs in search of the right one. But it’s not easy… the Libran can’t make his mind up, the Gemini is a split personality, the Leo thinks he knows it all, the Sagittarian knows he does. But what she doesn’t realise her true love is showing her all the signs, she just needs to see them. They may not be grand or expensive, but they are heartfelt.

Praise for “Signs of Love”:
” Utilizing a strong concept for a romantic comedy, SIGNS OF LOVE hits the requisite genre notes and finds a few clever and original circumstances along the way.”

” A well-conceived premise forms the basis for a storyline that, as it takes shape, remains charming, appealing, and broadly accessible at a fairly universal level. There’s a really fun and potentially commercial rom-com premise at work here… the script dives deep in the rom-com engine of wish fulfilment.”

” Genuinely appealing characters punctuate the story, further elevated by funny dialogue, unique quirks, and a solid sense of overall tone, texture, and flavor. In many regards, it seems as though this script leverages its chosen genre quite effectively, delivering a compelling, commercial, and engaging impact.”



All Katherine Wright wanted was to be an agent, to protect her advanced home from the peasant hordes that surround them. When she is given the chance to spy on the heretic Richard Lord and his daughter Danielle, she jumps at the chance.

But nothing could prepare her for the harsh realities of their world, and the undeniable loyalty and love within the Lord family. As she grows to care for them, it conflicts with her discovery that Richard and his associates are a threat to everything she holds dear. Faced with a choice of her people and the death of the family, or rescuing them and betraying her mission, she has to do what she knows is right…

Praise for “The Order”:

” A thrilling, epic adventure / fantasy film that is blessed with both an exceptional premise and a successful execution, delivering a richly conceived story set in a beautifully mixed Dystopian future and medieval world.”

” First and foremost, The Order is one of the most uniquely imaginative scripts to come across this reader’s desk in a long while… It’s impossible not to be swept up in the compelling, futuristic world that provides an opportunity to learn about ourselves.”


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